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fluffy coats and playful natures, are extremely appealing, but they are not necessarily like the adult that you will eventually own for many years. It is in the best interest of both you and your Komondor that you understand what an adult Komondor is like, so that when the puppy days are over, you won't be dismayed at what that fluffy puppy has turned into. Unfortunately this happens over and over, and not just with Komondors. We believe that people who obtain a dog are making a commitment that lasts the life of the dog, and we encourage people to make that commitment with full knowledge of what it entails.

Where can I find a Komondor if I decide to buy one?
The Komondor Club of America can furnish you with a list of breeders,
including information as to who has puppies or older dogs available.
Breeders listed with the KCA have agreed to abide by the Club's Code of
Ethics which specifies responsible practices to be followed by breeders to ensure the health of the puppies and the satisfaction of purchasers.
Komondors are often available through the KCA Rescue Program. These
are dogs which have been given up by previous owners for various reasons. Occasionally Komondors are offered for sale by pet stores, but
the chances of getting a sound, healthy puppy from this source are not good. Puppies are also sometimes available from breeders who supply
working dogs. Whatever the source of the puppy, the parents should have
been X-rayed and certified clear of hip dysplasia, and every effort should be made to ensure that the puppy is healthy and has been well cared for.

How big are Komondors when fully grown?

The Hungarians are very clear on this subject: if it isn't big and impressive, even if it has cords, it isn't a Komondor. The Komondor should be large enough to command instant respect. The actual size of Komondors in the United States ranges quite a bit, but on average males are 27 1/2 inchesor taller at the shoulder and bitches are 25 1/2 inches or taller. Males usually weigh 100 pounds on up and bitches 80 pounds or more. These are good average sizes, but many dogs are bigger and some are smaller.There are a lot of breeds which are more massive, are taller, or heavier. But with his thick coat and large size there are few that are as impressive as the Komondor.

Will I have to worry about friends or acquaintances coming into the house or yard with my Komondor?

The Komondor is a large territorial dog that is used for flock and home
guarding, and the Komondor owner must always anticipate their dog's
behavior knowing this fact.                                                                      The Komondor will make up his own mind about who is or is not welcome on his property if he's not taught by you how to behave when strangers

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