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The Komondor Kennel

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It's Here!  Our site has increased in size! MASKC Komondor merchandise plus  fantastic komondor breed information and articles.



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Sign the guest book at  "Marley's Journal", containing occaisional entries from from Marleys "ruff life". There are updates on nearly every page, plus several new pages have been added via look around!

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Komondor Card
Komondor "Jago" on Beck Cover (Taken 20 years ago)!  Jago belonged to Art Sorkin. The photo was taken by Joan Ludwig. This photo also appeared on the cover of AKC Gazette magazine in July 1977.

Marley's Dad on Carlton Cards

Does anyone know where I can get a poster promo for this album?

Below:Komondor Holiday Cards

From the Levy's (Top) and Goldens (Lower).

NEW LINK: Komondor in the News

Komondor Hunor?

The picture below features Julle. It was sent from Sweden via e-mail.

 Komondor Julle from Sweden
Komondors Mufty and Angyal (Marley's daughter!)
Meet komondor puppy "Brutis" (these pix are at 6 wks. old), from Mt. Olive, Alabama:
Click on thumbnail for larger image

Puppy Brutis @ 6 weeks

          Komondor puppy "Brutis"

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