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Do Komondors have any particular health problems that I should know about?

There are no known health problems which are peculiar to Komondors. As with all dogs there is a certain amount of hip dysplasia in the breed. Responsible breeders have all their breeding stock certified as being free of dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA).

Also as with many large breeds, there is some incidence of bloat, or
gastric torsion, in Komondors. The causes of bloat are still largely
unknown, but when it occurs, the stomach becomes enlarged and filled
with gas, eventually rotating inside the chest cavity and killing the dog if not corrected in time. Anyone with a large dog should talk to a veterinarian in  order to learn to recognize the symptoms of bloat and should know what to do if it occurs.

How much will a Komondor puppy cost?

Prices vary from breeder to breeder, but current prices for pet quality
puppies are in the $800 to $1000 dollar range, and show/breeding quality puppies are somewhat higher in price. (A komondor sold in Japan for $20,000!) Reputable breeders will usually sell pet quality puppies with limited registrations or spay/neuter guarantees, the object of these provisions being to prevent breeding of puppies soldas companions.

List of Resources

Unfortunately, due to the rarity of the breed, there are no books on the Komondor that we can recommend. However, the following organizations can furnish additional information on request:

Linda Patrick, Corresponding Secretary
4695 Peckins
Chelsea, MI  48118
313 433-0417

Komondor Club of America, Inc.
Sandra Hanson, Breed Rescue Chairperson
W359 S10708 Nature Road
Eagle, Wisconsin 53119-9998
(414) 594-3374

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