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Marley's Journal

August 16: Email from Alabama! Look for pix of komondor puppy "Brutis" soon in the photo Album!

August 23: Mommy gave me a bath today. She ties me to the deck, then wets sections of me at a time. Each wet section gets some whitening shampoo, which stays on 3-5 mins. (If she tried to lather all of me at once, I might stain blue from the shampoo). Next I get rinsed, then mommy wrings my cords then follows up with plenty of towels. I take about a day and a half to completely dry!

September 7: What a day! Nice breeze, warm temp! I don't mind living on the ocean on a day like today! I love the breeze flowing through my cords! (Not to mention long walks on a day like today!) I've added new photo page link today too!

September 16: went up today! Coming soon a special MASKC section!

September 17:Reminder the Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club Fall meeting is Saturday, September 20 at PM, at the Levy's in Princeton.

September 18: This sight received a "Jake's Komondor Cool Site Award" today! Visit their site at

September 20: Mommy went to the Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club meeting tonight. She will be doing a lot of work for a MASKC internet presense very soon. PS I tried to kill a possum that hissed at mommy today too. She was so grossed out she brushed my teeth!

September 27: I stayed with "Aunt" Chrissy, while mommy went to look at ski houses...looks like I'll be at Windham instead of Hunter Mountain this winter!

September 30: Calling my Hungarian relatives: the usual Komondor match in November has a new twist. Pulis and Kuvasz will also be shown(Judging will be by Billie McFadden). Mark Nov. 22 on your calendar now!

October 10: Hey where did that nice cool weather go? What a bummer, 80+ degrees in October!

October 14: New komondor discussion group at:

October 20: KCA information has changed. Refresh your pages while browsing, to ensure you get the updates!

November 1: M.A.S.K.C. Hungrarian Dog Gathering 11/22/97 Directions, Entry form, and Event Information (in PDF format). Download Adobe Acrobat Reader (FREE) here if you don't have it. This is a very popular format on and off the web, as it retains the style of the original document, regardless of the user's operating system or web browser! It's well worth the brief download time.

November 10: The Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club Section is up. Their  home address is This section contains fantastic komondor breed information, health articles, komondor merchandise and more! Visit NOW. You won't be disappointed!

November 17: Returned from Windham, NY last night! Lots of snow, I loved it. I really like visiting the mountains, plus I get to socialize with other dogs who go to the ski house too!

November 19: New Komondor Litter from Jan and George Elser in Oregon city, Oregon. Details will follow as soon as I get the AKC information! Plus meet Obi (Like stars wars) named because he's a big white force! Great puppy and mom photos too! Click here for Obi and friends.

PS Hi to my pen pal Mopsie in Texas (sniff, sniff)!

December 1, 1997: Received Email from Mexico and Montana over the weekend! Hope my fellow Koms enjoyed turkey over the weekend. (Special note to Misha- I would have tried it too! Sorry you got "put awhile for awile during dinner).

Dec. 18, 1997: Added a Christmas pix. of Obi to the homepage today, and added a new Brutis photo to the photo album! It's great to have "Paw pals"!

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