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come to the house. It is important that Komondor puppies be socialized from the beginning. Kindergarten Puppy Training classes are excellent for Komondor puppies, as they expose the puppy to lots of people and dogs at an early age. These classes can usually be found through obedience class instructors or clubs in your area.

Komondors learn very quickly which people are welcome in your house,
and will greet them happily, but as a responsible owner, you must be sure the dog is under control (either through strict obedience training or physical restraint) when strangers are introduced to him.

Are Komondors noisy? How would they do in an apartment?

As a guarding dog, part of a Komondor's job is to alert people when a
potentially threatening situation exists. He does this by barking, and a
Komondor's bark is meant to, and will, get your attention. As we have
mentioned, the Komondor's nature is to decide for himself what constitutes a threat, and they definitely tend to err on the side of caution. Thus some Komondors are constantly barking because they hear a strange noise, or see someone passing by on "their" road, or because a strange car pulls into the neighbor's driveway. Obviously this sort of situation can be worse if you live in close proximity to others and have lots of strange people and strange cars coming and going. Having said this, however, there are people who have successfully had several Komondors living with them in an apartment. Komondors generally are quite adaptable and can adjust their behavior to fit the situation. If they are constantly perceiving threats (in their own mind) however, they will be noisy, and the situation could become very uncomfortable for both the owner and the dog.

How much exercise does a Komondor need?

Komondor puppies are as playful and energetic as any other puppy. Adult Komondors are generally quite inactive, and require very little exercise. They take their job of guardian seriously, and will usually position themselves in a location where they can keep an eye on their family, rather than running around checking things out. Often the most exercise adult Komondors get is accompanying you as you move about the house. If the dog doesn't have access to a fenced yard or large run, however, he should be walked two or three times a day.

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