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The Komondor Kennel

Photo Album Page 2

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   Hunor (Owners Joy   and Marion Levy of Princeton, NJ):







Marley and Friend Beavis the Pug



beavis_marley.JPG (29857 bytes) pug_beavis.JPG (22002 bytes)


       Trenton Kennel Club Dog Show 1995 (Second largest show in size on the east coast)!

show1.JPG (17093 bytes)






AKC Show

Below:Komondor puppies:Notice how the coat changes

    Meet Obi (He's now 7months old and 95  lbs)! His Breeder is Helen in Oklahoma, and   his Mom is Alice
OBI      Obi and friend
Relaxing   More komondor puppies!
Komondor Mom w/pups

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