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The Komondor Kennel

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Hello! I'm Marley.
I started Komondor Kennel because there isn't a lot of information out there about my breed.
I hope this site will provide information to Komondor lovers old and new. I've found a number of links to Komondor lnformation sites and to Komondor gift items. Additionally I have a photo page (starring yours truly), but I'd like to post pictures of my Komondor friends out there so start sending your pix in!

P.S. Some pages are image heavy. Be patient, They're worth it.


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REGISTRATION NAME: Volgyvarosi Csaszar
BIRTHDAY: 3/21/89
SIRE: CH Boytar-Hercegvaros Balna
DAM: CH Lovas Volgyi Baba
BREEDERS: Suzanne Wojcik & Gordon Sheddy

  • I have a new friend named "Mo". A white Samoyed.

(Once when I got loose, I went to her house, jumped over her fence and into her yard. Then I went through her "doggie door" into her house and surprised her mommy and daddy when I layed on their living room floor and watched TV with them )! Then they called my mommy and the party was over! They think I'm a character.

  • I travel to Windham Ski Resort on winter weekends.
  • I make a frantic dash straight to the car door when I hear "bye-bye".
  • I Have an annoying roomate named Ruffy (a fiesty Maltisse) who bites my cords. (His page is coming soon).
  • I love "cookies".
  • I eat  anything left unattended (I have a weakness for subs, pizza and McDonalds). I even ate a whole pumpkin pie once (unfortunately I immediately got sick).
  • I know these commands/words :

      SIT    DOWN    UP    STAY    NO     COME  DOWNSTAIRS

  • I do a "happy dance" when mommy comes home.
  • I've learned to jump my fence! (Komondors are good jumpers-see the "What's new page")!
  • I often imitate the people around me! (They laugh)
  • I belong to M.A.S.K.C. (Middle Atlantic States Komondor Club)
  • I love to have my picture taken, and pose whenever there's a camera!
  • My neighbors have finally warmed up to me and I to them, (hey I can't be too cautious, I've got a family to protect). More neighbor stories coming soon!

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